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​An Effective and Economic Solution to Reduce VOC Emissions


Uncontaminated and clean gaseous nitrogen


With over 200 installations the Cryo-Condap® system technology is proven to recover close to 100% of most types of organic solvent vapours


The liquid nitrogen that condenses the VOC can be used to inert, while the solvents can be recycled for re-use or resale


It can help meet emission standards while also bringing operational advantages to a production process


Zero-added waste system

Air Products Cryo-Condap® Technology for VOC Recovery

Discover how Cryo-Condap®  technology ensures the recovery of close to 100% of solvents meeting the toughest environmental legislation on VOC emissions.

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Our team of specialists will be happy to evaluate the best solution for your solvent recovery problem.


Vraag het de expert

Jon Trembley

Technology Manager - Cryogene toepassingen

“Hoe kunt u mij helpen de VOC's (vluchtige organische stoffen) in mijn procesemissies te verminderen?”

Air Products Cryocondap® VOC-terugwinningstechnologie kan VOC's in uw proces helpen verminderen. Ons systeem gebruikt vloeibare stikstof in een warmtewisselaar om het procesgas af te koelen. Naarmate de temperatuur daalt, daalt ook de capaciteit van het gas om de VOC's als damp mee te voeren. De VOC's condenseren en bevriezen tot deeltjes, zodat het procesgas aan de milieueisen kan voldoen.

Bekijk onze video voor meer informatie over de kenmerken en voordelen van Air Products' eigen Cryo-Condap® VOC-terugwinningstechnologie.

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What is Cryogenic Condensation?

Cryogenic condensation uses the extremely cold temperature of liquid nitrogen to cool down gaseous effluents of the chemical industry in order to condense the VOCs they contain.
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What are the main benefits of cryogenic condensation?

Compliance with local legislation on VOC emissions, recovery and recycling of wasted solvents, and minimal running costs as the liquid nitrogen used for cooling can be reused for inerting.

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